Mexico pulls out all stops for avocado campaign

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Mexico pulls out all stops for avocado campaign

Record sales figures and advertising campaigns are expected from the Michoacán Association of Avocado Growers and Packer Exporters (APEAM) this year, as the group aims to bolster the country's position in the U.S. market. avocado_905998 _ small

APEAM marketing director Eduardo Serena told a large crop was expected, and explained the various actions taken on board to reach move this high volume.

One of the most anticipated events for American football fans is the Super Bowl, which has been accompanied by growing avocado consumption. In 2000, 8 million pounds of the fruit were consumed during activities surrounding the event, but that figure will almost be 10 times larger this year.

In 2012 the figure stood at 71.4 million pounds, and it is expected that 79 million avocados will be eaten during the 2013 Super Bowl on Feb. 3.

For the period of January to March, APEAM estimates 313 million pounds of avocados will be shipped, representing 31.7% of the expected total for the 2012-13 season.

"The volumes that have been sent to the U.S. during recent months before the Super Bowl have been a record. Exports are expected to start declining after the event but are expected to remain strong and promotable as we head towards the spring," Serena said.

He commented that heavy marketing promotions will be kept during that period so that the momentum continues throughout the spring season.

"We have a variety of merchandising materials available and can help create a custom display contest to our retail partners," he said.

One marketing strategy will be the March Madness campaign where the APEAM will support promotional avocado contests for a specified period.

Another campaign is New Spring Breakfast Campaign, inviting people to eat avocado for breakfast as a source of energy and great taste, including facebook competitions, a national blog and online and mobile marketing.

In addition, Avocados from Mexico will have an entertainment-based campaign targeting the Hispanic community where Chef Pepin will be the advertising face of avocados with recipes available on the campaign website.

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