Indian state experiences fruit boom despite difficulties

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Indian state experiences fruit boom despite difficulties

India's Uttar Pradesh state has been slated as a quickly growing fruit and vegetable hub with a compounded annual growth rate of 15% on wholesale markets, according to a survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).mangos_alfonso_ffp

Lack of processing facilities and cold storage, however, are preventing the state from taken full advantage of its growth and result in Rs10 billion (US$179 million) worth of losses a year.

Despite difficulties, the state grew from 2.8 million MT in fresh, wholesale market arrivals in 2008-09 to over 4.3 million MT in 2011-12, according to analysis by  An estimated 4.6 million MT is expected by the end of the current fiscal year, 2013-14.

For fruit, the state comes in 6th place with 5.8 million MT produced a year, national secretary general D S Rawat said on the Indian website.

The main fruits are Guava, litchi, mango and pomegranate.

Between 2008 and 2012, reported that the state experienced 31% growth in fruit production, compared to a decline of 4% and 14% respectively in the top two fruit producing states, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Over the same period, market arrival of fruit produced across the country declined over 16% from 28.9 million MT in 2008-09 to 17 million MT in 2011-12.

Vegetable arrivals to wholesale markets increased less than 1%.

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