Mexico: packhouse grows avocado potential in Jalisco

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Mexico: packhouse grows avocado potential in Jalisco

Mevi Avocados and the Oppenheimer Group (Oppy) have teamed up to source and market avocados from Mexico's second largest avocado-producing state, Jalisco.Wide angle interior Mevi

The Texas-based company, Mevi Avocados, opened a 35-container-a-week packing facility this past month in Jalisco and expects to open a second packing line over the coming months.

Currently, Michoacan is the only Mexican state with permission to export avocados to the U.S. Mevi and Oppy, however, expect the market to open soon for Jalisco avocados as well.

The location of the Jalisco facility also allows direct access to the port city of Manzanillo, an exit point to reach Asian markets.

Oppy avocado director James Milne praised the growth of Mevi and the success of its owners, the Medina family.

"The new facility represents a significant investment in putting fruit condition and quality at the forefront. We look forward to the opportunity to sell the fruit packed there, and we applaud the Medinas’ proactive approach," Milne said.

Oppy described the technology implemented at the packing line as "state of the art," including a cold storage chamber and an automated irrigation system on 1,700 acres of avocado farm land.

The year-round harvest from the facility will be marketed exclusively by the Oppenheimer Group.


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