Avocado campaign expands to Spanish-language market

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Avocado campaign expands to Spanish-language market

The Hass Avocado Board has launched what it describes as the online information hub for Spanish-speaking health professionals and consumers interested in the fruit.saborea_prim_tag_x2_2C_RGB

The campaign, Saborea Uno Hoyfeatures nutritional information and recipes to promote avocado in the Hispanic market. The Spanish-language website and mark carry the tagline “naturalmente grasas buenas + sin colesterol,” derived from Love One Today's "naturally good fats + cholesteral free."

Nutritionist and spokeswoman Malena Perdomo has developed original recipes for the site to encourage users to integrate avocados into a variety of dishes.

"The recipes I developed truly celebrate the richness of, and the culture behind, the avocado," Perdomo said.

"For many Latinos - myself included - this rich ingredient reminds us of home, so it seemed only natural to create recipes that reflect our traditional foods."


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