Grapes lead Peruvian fresh market growth in China

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Grapes lead Peruvian fresh market growth in China

Peru expects to beat its fruit export record to the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong this year, driven in large part by increased shipments of Red Globe grapes and frozen strawberries.grapes mixed in box _ ffp

Miguel Galvez, consultant at the Peruvian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said the South American nation expects to increase its exports by 20% this year, surpassing US$100 million in fruit shipments to the region.

Fresh grapes will represent a major part of this forecast, reaching an estimated US$85 million in value.

"In the case of grapes, we are optimistic, given the growth in demand in China and thanks to the positioning work done by Peruvian exporters in the country. There are already 70 companies exporting grapes to China and Hong Kong," Galvez said.

In 2013, Galvez said China and Hong Kong received US$80 million in Peruvian grapes, US$46 million of which went to China and the rest of which went to Hong Kong. Around 98% of these shipments were represented by Red Globe, shipped from October to March.

For strawberries, Galvez also indicated growth, bringing the category to US$2 million in value this year.

For frozen products, Galvez said Peru has exported US$3.5 million in value in three years, including frozen strawberries with and without sugar. In 2013, he said the category reached US$1.1 million.

Overall, Galvez said arrival markets are transforming, shifting many shipments from Hong Kong to northern markets.

"More fruit will go north to Shanghai and Beijing, which have been constructing strong markets for fruit by building specialized wholesale markets," Galvez said.

"The numbers show that continental China increased its arrivals from 2012 to 2013 by 32.3%, while Hong Kong fell back by 33%. Combined growth was 5.8%. This represents US$4.5 million in value and reflects an increase of 830 MT.

Other strong categories were blueberries, forecast to reach US$5 million in exports to the region, pecans (US$4 million), avocados (US$2.5 million), citrus (US$1 million) and mangoes (US$0.5 million).

Regarding import taxes, Galvez said Peru is reaching 100% preferential tariffs, thanks to a free trade agreement with China. This will mean that is 2015, products such as grapes, blueberries and strawberries will enter China with no additional tariff.


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