South African grapes enjoy partial recovery in late season

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South African grapes enjoy partial recovery in late season

Although still notably down, South African table grape exports have begun to close the gap on the 2012-13 season in the final weeks of this campaign.

With packing already finished in the Northern Province and Orange River regions, the nation's table grape campaign demonstrated grapes_squaremuch stronger numbers late in the season.

In the year's first reporting in week 2, the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) indicated a 16.4% drop in inputs and a 32.9% drop in exports compared to the same date in the prior year.

As of week 10, the gap had largely improved. Inputs were down 9.7% at 43.6 million cartons, and exports were down 4.6% at 42 million cartons.

South Africa's traditional export markets in Northern Europe and the U.K. largely maintained volume. Cartons shipped to Northern Europe declined by 5.5% to 23.1 million. Volume sent to the U.K. declined just 1.6% to 9.8 million cartons.

Although down from volume received during the past two seasons, both regions were up from the 2010-11 season by 7.6% and 20.7%, respectively.

South African shipments early in the season were complicated in great part by frosts in the Orange River region and unseasonal rains in the Western Cape. Fruit sent later in the season was comparatively spared from the worst damages.

Recently, low volumes of Crimson Seedless and Red Globe were being packed in the Oliphants River region, with all packing in the area expected to finish by week 12, SATI reported.

The Berg River region was packing its last volumes of Crimson Seedless, La Rochelle and Bonheur. Packing here was also expected to finish by week 12.

The Hex Valley region still reported large volumes of Crimson Seedless and Sugranineteen. Red Globe and Dauphine were near the end. Overall quality appeared good.

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