Peru enters negotiations for Mexican Hass avocado market access

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Peru enters negotiations for Mexican Hass avocado market access

As global avocado demand grows, why not try to tap the world's highest per capita consumer of the crop during its off-season?

This is the likely reasoning behind Peruvian agricultural authorities' main point of interest during bilateral trade negotiations with Mexico, held during the Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean in Mexico City.

In a press release, Peru's National Agricultural Health Service (SENASA) said a technical team from Mexico would be visiting the Andean country in April to assess phytosanitary aspects of production, with the goal of authorizing access by mid-2016.

Discussions also turned to the importance of exchanging scientific information for the common good of both countries, using the example of Mexican studies proving avocados were not a fruit fly host, which were later utilized in Peru.

SENASA also requested the continuation of a phytosanitary agreement that allows access for Peruvian tangelos, improvements to the protocol for quinoa and amaranth, and improvements in work plans for citrus and table grapes.

From Mexico's perspective, the focus of the talks was on livestock issues, with video conference discussions set to begin next week about animal health protocols.


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