Chile gripped by floods -

Chile gripped by floods

Rivers have overflown this weekend in the central region of Chile, the Southern Hemisphere's leading fruit-exporting nation.

Inundaciones Chile - Agencia Uno

Photo: Agencia Uno

The latest report from the country's National Emergency Office (ONEMI) claims the flooding has left one person dead, seven missing and 765 isolated.

More than 47,000 households have been left without electricity while a large portion of the capital Santiago has had water cut off, due to precautionary measures taken by supplier Aguas Andinas due to large amounts of sediment in the Maipo River.

The Mapocho River that runs through Santiago has led to heavy flooding on Andres Bello Avenue, with buildings flooded in the commercial district of Providencia.

Chile's leading fruit industry associations are yet to release a statement on the damages.