Ecuadorian mango industry bets on e-commerce platforms in China

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Ecuadorian mango industry bets on e-commerce platforms in China

As Ecuadorian mango shippers begin their first ever export season into the Chinese market, the industry is carrying out promotions largely focused on the country's e-commerce sector. mangos_38195143

The first exports from the country took place in mid-October, followed by the launch of a marketing campaign on Nov. 15. The Andean country had been waiting 13 years to gain access to China.

The tropical fruit will be sold e-retailer Yiguo and by Tmall, which is owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. The launch of the fruit was accompanied by special offers.

Trade promotion group ProEcuador worked with grower association Mango Foundation to carry out the promotional launch from the Yiguo's head office in Shanghai.

Ecuadorian mangoes have also been sold in Chinese supermarkets and fruit stores, but most of the industry's efforts have been on the e-commerce platforms.

Shopping online has significantly risen in popularity in China over recent years, and Ecuador is eager to make the most of the opportunity.

The middle and upper-middle classes are growing rapidly in the Asian country, meaning shoppers have higher purchasing power on average. Ecuadorian mangoes currently sell for around RMB39 (US$5.50) each.

"There will be a larger impact selling the fruit through online platforms, we will be able to reach more people," said Diego Vega, of ProEcuador's Shanghai office.

"It's hard to enter China, and for a new product it is even harder to break the barrier of the unknown."




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