India: Bollywood star Sood becomes brand ambassador for IG International

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India: Bollywood star Sood becomes brand ambassador for IG International

One of India's leading fresh fruit importers has announced Bollywood actor Sonu Sood - an ardent fitness enthusiast and a self-confessed fruit-lover - is now its official brand ambassador. 

With celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, Sood took part in the launch of IG International's Belgian Conference pear import program for this season, which has been done in association with Belgian exporter BelOrta.

In a release, IG said the fruit was now available in leading retail stores across the country.

"We believe that a good brand ambassador who personally reflects your brand promise can help create a strong connect with consumers. We are extremely glad to welcome Sonu Sood as a representative of IG International," said IG's director for finance and operations, Tarun Arora.

"His dedication to fitness and advocacy of healthy eating habits are a perfect match with our brand personality and we are certain that with him as the face of IG International, we’ll be able to make greater strides in educating Indians about how a diet rich in fruits can benefit them over the long term."

Sood said fruit had been an integral part of his diet since childhood.

"Being physically fit requires not just exercising regularly, but having a healthy diet as well," he said.

"A fruits-only diet is quite wholesome itself, giving all the required nutrition for your body.* 

"As a fruit-lover and fitness enthusiast, I am glad to associate with IG International, and share my personal mantra of fitness with everyone."

*Health advice: While we obviously love our fruit here at Fresh Fruit Portal, the scientific consensus in the medical community warns against fruitarian (only fruit) diets. Please consult a doctor, licensed nutritonist or licensed dietitian before making any such change to your eating habits.


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