Jazz apple brand undergoes refresh

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Jazz apple brand undergoes refresh

New Zealand-based T&G Global has announced a refresh for its Jazz apple brand, emphasizing the need to "remain relevant while appealing to new consumers". 

Jazz apples were first developed in New Zealand through a natural cross between the Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties, and now have an updated look designed to further strengthen their place on the premium apple world stage.

The fruit is now grown in 10 countries around the world and is managed by trademarked owner T&G Global, formally known as Turners and Growers.

The company's executive general manager of pipfruit, Darren Drury, says the refresh represents a major investment that extends across all touch-points from packaging to promotions, sampling to digital platforms.

“Our consumer research identified an opportunity to reinvigorate the JAZZTM brand to reinforce its premium proposition,” he says.

“We know we operate in a highly competitive category and that it’s vital to remain relevant while appealing to new consumers. Having discussed it with our growers, sales agents and customers we felt the time was right for a refresh globally.”

Drury says new season fruit will be stamped for sale with the new logo and T&G Global’s ENZA mark.

T&G says Jazz apples have enjoyed "phenomenal growth in recent years" and expects the trend to continue. 

Drury attributes the brand’s success to the "consistency and uniqueness" of the apples' eating experience, along with dual hemisphere growing operations that ensure year-round availability.

He adds T&G is pleased with consistent growth and demand across the company’s traditional markets including Germany, the U.K. and U.S. alongside newer markets such as Thailand, China and Vietnam and Japan.

“We’ve built up a stronger presence in our key markets and our people are better placed to further support our customers and work alongside growers on our year-round growing programme," he says.

"We are also looking for new growth opportunities. It’s an exciting time for JAZZTM and we’re looking forward to sharing our new-look journey with customers, growers and consumers as our refresh rolls out across markets throughout 2017.”


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