Slight decline for Spanish fruit & veg exports to the U.K.

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Slight decline for Spanish fruit & veg exports to the U.K.

The latest analysis of Eurostat data from Spanish horticultural grower association Fepex shows the Iberian country's fresh produce exports to the U.K. dropped 2% year-on-year to €1.38 billion between January and October.

Fepex reported volume was down by the same rate of 2% at 1.18 million metric tons (MT).

It is worth noting the pound was significantly weaker against the euro in 2017, so for Spain's average return to have remained steady the average price in pounds per kilo would have likely been higher.

In a release, Fepex highlighted a "strong interdependence" between the U.K. and Spain in the produce trade, with the northern country constituting Spain's third-largest market behind Germany and France.

The organization highlighted Spain was also the leading supplier of fruits and vegetables to the U.K. market. While the country's imports from Spain were down, between January and September its total imports of fruits and vegetables rose 3% to 4.8 million MT. Of this, 2.6MT came from the EU.

Fepex also cited Eurostat data that the U.K.'s fruit and vegetable imports reached more than €3 million, representing a slight decline of 1%.

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