Modi apples land in India after new deal

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Modi apples land in India after new deal

Modi apples have landed on the Indian subcontinent after Italy-based Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) signed a commercial partnership deal with leading fruit distributor IG International last year.

The development comes as part of CIV's goal to implement a 'systematic, structured approach' to the Indian and Far East market through its network of international licensees.

CIV said the Far East was a good potential export market for new ‘Made in Italy’ apples, despite the difficulties related to logistics and supply chain maintenance.

It also pointed out the local consumers' preference for apples from China (Fuji), the U.S. (Red Delicious and Gala) and only minimally for those from Europe and Italy (red apples, Gala and Granny Smith).

Modi apples are already licensed to numerous partners around the world. The global production goal for the coming years is around 1,000 hectares.

“The main goal of development of the Modìciv® brand in India over the next three years will be for CIV to evaluate and identify the commercial partnerships with some of the main local importers/distributors to be able to then evaluate the possibility of local production tests”, CIV chairman Pier Filippo Tagliani said in April last year in Mumbai when the deal was signed.

“Today we are particularly confident about the results of the Agreement between CIV and I.G. International Pvt Ltd which, as an officially Authorized Modi® Distributor, will help us gradually reach our shared goal of appropriately positioning the apple and developing it in the Indian market."

IG International director Tarun Arora said: “No one understands fresh produce Import/Export like IG International does."

"With over half a century of experience and expertise in delivering fresh produce with minimal wastage to our customers, we at IG International have positioned ourselves as the top choice for suppliers of fruits in the international market," he said.


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