U.S.: BrightFarms chooses Texas for fifth greenhouse site

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U.S.: BrightFarms chooses Texas for fifth greenhouse site

U.S. salad producer BrightFarms has announced its new greenhouse project will be in Texas, with full operations to begin in early 2019. 

The 195,000-farm in Abilene will provide local, pesticide-free produce to the state’s supermarkets.

The company estimated the greenhouse will use 80% less water, 90% less land and 95% less shipping fuel than West Coast salad farming operations.

Local produce remains popular, with 60% choosing to buy local over organic products if they are equivalent in quality, appearance and price, according to the company.

"Meeting the demand for local produce is a challenge for grocery retailers,” BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot said.

“We are solving this problem by building commercial-scale year-round local farms and delivering the freshest and most flavorful baby greens and herbs to our customers within 24 hours of harvest".

“Texas and the City of Abilene have welcomed us with open arms, and we couldn't be more excited to serve this region".

BrightFarms will produce salad products including spinach, baby kale, romaine and arugula and said it would be testing new varieties in the future.

Around 30 permanent jobs are expected to be created through the project.


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