Asda introduces U.K.-bred sweet tomato

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Asda introduces U.K.-bred sweet tomato

U.K. supermarket chain Asda has introduced a new type of tomato, the Goutini, after a four-year trial process. 

Grown in Southport in North West England, the Goutini resembles a Beefstake tomato and is said to contain the highest amount of natural sugar for a tomato this size. 

Asda said that a regular Beefsteak tomato has a natural sugar level of 3.5%, whereas the Goutini contains twice that, a level which is usually only possible in small, salad tomatoes.

"Currently, our best-selling tomato is a Piccolo Cherry, so we know our customer love sweet, juicy tomatoes. The Goutini has the flavour of a sweet salad tomato, but it’s much bigger, so it’s perfect for any number of meals this summer," Asda tomato technologist Nasir Ahmed said.

“We work closely with our growers to ensure high-quality, locally-sourced produce is available year-round, shadowing the ripening and sweetening qualities of the Mediterranean sun right here in on local soil to create tasty fruit and veg for our customers.”

With 360 Goutini plants growing in glasshouses in Southport, the tomatoes are the perfect summer staple for those looking for quality, British tomatoes for any meal.

Andy Roe, an Asda tomato grower, said:“Over the last four years, we’ve worked hard at finding the right seeds, cross-breeding varieties and testing various growth patterns and conditions to create a fruit that delivers on both quality and flavour – something we’ve succeeded in doing with the Goutini."

“With customers looking for sweet, British produce year-round, we’re excited to be trialling the Goutini throughout summer, and hope Brits enjoy the sweet, tender tomatoes set to make any barbecue complete.”

The tomato will be piloted in 17 Asda stores this summer.

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