Peruvian ag exports grew 14% through October

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Peruvian ag exports grew 14% through October

Increased fruit shipments drove a 14%  year-on-year rise in Peru's agricultural exports through October to US$5.2 billion, according to exporters association Adex.

Fruit exports over the 10-month period rose by 28% to 1.3 million metric tons (MT).

Agroindustrial exports grew by 17% to US$4.6 billion, driven mainly by larger volumes of avocados, blueberries, table grapes, asparagus, mangoes and preparations used in animal feeding, which collectively represented 47% of the supply.

Avocados were the most heavily exported fruit by volume, rising by 46% year-on-year to 360,721MT. Notably, avocado exports to China more than tripled to 11,861MT.

Blueberry exports to all markets rose by 86% over the period.

The U.S. and the Netherlands together received almost half of Peru's agricultural exports, according to Adex. Other important destinations included Spain, the U.K., Ecuador and Chile.

The association also highlighted some standout destinations for agroindustrial exports, such as Estonia, to which shipments rose 17-fold, driven by increases of cocoa, coffee and quinoa, and Lybia, which rose by a similar level and was driven by evaporated milk.

In addition, exports to Qatar rose 13-fold thanks to higher shipments of pomegranate, coffee, table grapes and quinoa, and to Malaysia, they nearly tripled amid greater volumes of the same products along with blueberries.


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