Peruvian avocado export value up 23% through November despite sluggish EU market

January 09 , 2019

Peruvian avocado exports rose in value by 23% to US$720 million year-on-year from January through November 2018, making it the eighth-largest shipped of the fruit over the period.

Exporters' association ADEX said that although the FOB value is rising, lower prices were seen in Europe, its main destination, due to the convergence of volumes from various countries.

Avocado exports have seen numerous sharp increases over recent years. A total of US$300 million were exported in 2014, up 63% from 2013, and in 2017 the figure reached US$588 million.

Over the 11-month period, Peruvian Hass was sent to 30 countries, including the Netherlands (US$265) million, the U.S. (US$175 million), Spain, the U.K., Chile and China.

ADEX highlighted the potential of the Chinese market, which opened to Peruvian avocados in 2015. That year shipments were registered at US$104,000, growing to US$13.8 million in 2017.

Other growing destinations include Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay and Ireland.

The main exporters are Camposol, Sociedad Agrícola Drokasa, Avocado Packing Company, Agrícola Cerro Prieto, Camet Trading and Virú.



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