Peruvian Police make arrest after spate of avocado thefts on export-oriented farm

March 25 , 2019

Peruvian National Police have arrested a 25-year-old man for the alleged theft of 800kg (1,764lbs) of avocados in the country’s northern Ancash region, Diario Correo reported. 

The story reports the avocados were stolen in a series of thefts on March 18, 20 and 21, taking place on a farm run by the Sang Barrents’s Company in the district of Nepeña.

David Alejandro Salvatierra López has been accused of the act, with the avocados in question said to be worth SOL5,200 (US$1,577).

The fruit reportedly would have been bound for the export market. 

According to Lima Chamber of Commerce’s (Idexcam) Institute of Research and Foreign Trade Development, the country exported US$8 million worth of avocados in January and February. The fruit is more common in overseas markets however through the summer months of the Northern Hemisphere. 



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