Copefrut launches brand refresh to continue contributing to quality of life

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Copefrut launches brand refresh to continue contributing to quality of life

During the Global Cherry Summit in Chile, Copefrut - one of Chile’s leading fruit exporters - launched its refreshed corporate brand, which is fresher, more modern, and more sustainable, and also reflects the company’s new way of doing business, with a greater focus on the consumers and with a new line of organic products.

A logo of a fresh, innovative and intimate brand was presented to attendees at the world’s most important cherry industry convention, highlighting the innovations that the company is undertaking, with an emphasis on the sustainability and modernization of its business across all its platforms.

With the aim of strengthening a business model with a focus on the consumers, Copefrut worked with experts to carry out a strategic analysis. This included the reformulation of the business model, the renovation of the company’s logo and the construction of a corporate purpose: “By sharing our fruit, we contribute to a better quality of life.”

“As a company, we have committed to delivering greater value. This brand renovation boosts our market integration and our opportunities for success in the industry. We want to continue to strengthen our relationships of trust, with attention on the farms and special care in the processing stage, thereby developing a complete experience of gratifying consumption,” said José Luis Soler, president of Copefrut.

More than fruits: Wonderfruits

Andrés Fuenzalida, CEO of Copefrut, spoke about the meaning behind the Wonderfruits logo that represents the new corporate purpose: “We share marvelous fruits because the people that harvest them, produce them and sell them are marvelous too. Today, the company has taken on the challenge of innovating to find the fruit that is most desired by the market.”

Fuenzalida concluded his announcement by alluding to Copefrut’s commitment to sustainability in its business model: “Since Copefrut was created, more than 60 years ago, we have been innovative and brave, capable of challenging the paradigms to face changes and be at the vanguard of the industry”.

“Our new look transmits the marvelousness of maintaining caring relationships, commitments to quality and food safety, with respect of the environment and social responsibility across everything that we do,” he said.

Copefrut Organics - The new line of products with high expectations in the market

What was born out of an effort by the company’s production department has evolved and today is positioning Copefruit to be the main exporter of organic fruit in Chile.

A few years ago, the transformation plan began on the first organic orchards under Copefrut’s wing. Following the curiosity of some producers and the company’s production department, the transition to achieve a new form of fruit production that responds to the most prominent consumption trends began on the farms.

“Today the growth forecasts in this sector are significant, both at the consumption and supply level. We are growing by around triple every year in sales of organic products and we plan to continue developing,” said Marcos Echenique, Copefrut’s sales director.

“We have cherries, apples, and blueberries, but we are aiming to grow and incorporate a range of attractive products for the organic market because we have seen the interest at the commercial level and also the technical feasibility in Chile to be able to be successful on the production side.”

‘Know-how’ is key for Copefrut Organics

Behind the Copefrut Organics brand is an account of this new way of doing things, which is supported by the history and guarantee of this company’s 63 years of tradition in a campaign that encompasses the concept: #NaturallyFarmed.

“We are in a very noble industry, where we have to worry every day about health, understanding not only who consumes our fruit, but also the environment, how to produce and how to generate,” said Felipe Casanova, business development manager.

“With this, Copefrut has a very important differing factor, since it is not just the quality nor the taste, but an effort to be much more coherent and to have a different value-added proposal in the market in terms of how we do things. The #NaturallyFarmed concept is related to this more natural and organic vision.”

Coordinated work from farm to gondola

Jaime Crispi, an organic cherry and apple producer, explained that although organic produce is a complex form of agriculture that has greater requirements than conventional fruit, the long-term rewards are greater as the value is greater.

“Copefrut has been on a path with us, the growers, to transform traditional farms into organic farms, which have greater sustainable profitability. Nowadays, Copefrut has a significant volume of organic apples, which will help the company to become a significant actor in exports, especially to the U.S.”

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