U.S.: Organic apples and pears see bump in sales, says Domex

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U.S.: Organic apples and pears see bump in sales, says Domex

Organic pears and apples each saw a boost in sales over the past year, with bolstered organic movement over the last 52 weeks, says Superfresh Growers.

Specifically, the company says organic apples experienced a 5% growth in national sales. Gala led the charge in this case, representing 34% of all organic apple sales.

This variety was followed by Honeycrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith, and finally Pink Lady apples.

On the other hand, organic pears fared even better, with a national sales increase of 7%.

In this category, Bartlett was dominant in the market, representing 47.4% of all organic pear sales at an impressive US$14.8 million, comments the corporation.

Meanwhile, Anjou and Bosc round out the core three organic pear varieties. Combined, these three represent 89.5% of all organic pear sales.

Winter promotions were especially beneficial to the organic movement, the company notes. Yet, unfortunately, it saw missed opportunities for promotions during the spring and summer months.

Looking to the future, the next crop apple and pear season will begin in August.

The harvest will start with Organic Gala apples and Organic Bartlett and Starkrimson pears, it adds.

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