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U.S.: Lidl and Aldi open stores in same town on same day

Two rival discount supermarket chains fighting for a share of the U.S. grocery market have opened new stores on the same day just one mile apart.

Lidl and Aldi - which are both German-owned - launched new outlets in the New Jersey town of Lacey on Tuesday.

There is fierce competition between the two chains, which are both undergoing rapid expansion in the U.S. and competing for customers in the same grocery market segment.

The two stores are located on a stretch of Route 9 to the east of Philadelphia.  The area has become ground zero for a new wave of supermarket competition in Ocean County, local media Asbury Park Press reported.

Within a one mile stretch, Aldi and Lidl have opened new stores, joining powerhouses Walmart and ShopRite.

"It's the grocery store wars and I think it's great," Lacey Mayor Timothy McDonald was quoted as saying. "Four grocery stores within a mile of each other, I think it's going to be good for Lacey residents."

He predicted the competition will bring prices down.

This is Lidl's fifth store in New Jersey and Aldi's 51st.

Discounters offer their own store brand products, touting quality, fresh produce and lower prices. The stores are smaller than big supermarkets; each have just five aisles to shop.