Carrefour China saw significant profit this quarter

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Carrefour China saw significant profit this quarter

Carrefour China announced its achievements since it was acquired by Suning Group in Sep. for the first time, pointing to steady improvements, reports local Xinhaunet.

The grocery retail chain recently went through a "digital transformation" that contributed to its success for its first ever official report. E-commerce giant in the Asian country revealed that its stores have been steadily growing in infrastructure and operating efficiency.

Carrefour China CEO Tian Rui detailed that its final quarter showed promising results - the company earned its first quarterly profit in the last seven years.

"In terms of digitalization, our existing 209 stores nationwide have completed smart retail transformation to meet the one-hour delivery service within 3 km of the surrounding area and the half-day service within 10 km of the same city," Tian told the publication.

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, Carrefour China announced its flash delivery services that work alongside Suning's convenience stores. The company said it has seen a 202% increase of orders from the online site month on month.

Profit for the retailer could very well have to do with the fact that is a big name in e-commerce grocery in China - making the company well prepared for the recent boost in online sales across the country.

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