U.S. fruit exports slide in 2019

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U.S. fruit exports slide in 2019

U.S. fruit exports saw widespread declines in value in 2019 year-on-year, according to recently released trade data.

Fresh deciduous fruit exports from the country were down 5% at US$2.53bn while fresh citrus exports were 10% lower at US$852m, USDA data shows.

The situation comes amid an ongoing trade war with China that has seen the implementation of significantly higher tariffs on U.S. fruit.

In the deciduous fruit category, apple exports fell by 9% to US$849m, while grape exports also fell by 9% to US$654m, and cherries fell by 1% to US$461m.

Pears were the only top-five export to see a rise, growing modestly by 1% to US$140m.

Organic U.S. fruit exports also performed very well - apples grew by 44% to US$108m, grapes rose by 16% toUS$74m and pears increased by 55% to US$24m. 

In citrus, oranges led the decline, with the value of exports falling by 19% to US$384m, while lemon exports were down by 12% at US$134m, and temple/tangor oranges fell by 6% to US$131m.

Grapefruit managed to register an 8% rise to US$64.8m.

As for berries, strawberry exports dropped by 9% to US$344m in 2019. Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, and loganberries collectively rose by 9% to US$129m, while blueberry exports fell by 2% US$82m.

Avocados, meanwhile, declined by 50% to US$27m and kiwifruit rose by 37% to US$25m.

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