Chilean fruit exports to Asia running higher -

Chilean fruit exports to Asia running higher despite overall decline this season

Chilean fruit exports to Asia are currently running higher year-on-year this summer season despite an overall decline to all markets, according to fruit exporters' association ASOEX.

Shipments to the region from Sept. 1 to March 4 were registered up by 10% at 367,000 metric tons (MT), while total exports are down by 5% at 1.1m MT.

Chile's fruit exports to the U.S. - still its leading market declining by 23% year-on-year to 350,000MT. Total Chilean fruit exports to the U.S. dropped by 10% year-on-year in 2019.

To Europe - the number-three market - shipments are flat, with volumes registered just 1% lower at 192,000MT.

Latin America has also seen a decrease of 24% to 151,000MT, and Canada is flat with a 1% drop to 20,000MT. Finally, exports to the Middle East are down by 18% at 10,000MT.

Breaking down Chilean fruit exports by category, the most heavily exported fruit by volume this season has been grapes, which have seen exports rise by 7% to 252,000MT, while cherries have risen by 27% to 229,000MT.

Avocados come in third with a 17% decline to 115,000MT. Next are blueberries, with a slight decline of 2% to 107,000MT, while plum shipments have fallen by 21% to 84,000MT.

Apple exports since September have been 36% lower at 76,000MT and nectarines have been 12% higher at 68,000MT.