Naturipe adds How2Recycle label to packaging -

Naturipe adds How2Recycle label to packaging, highlights sustainability achievements

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Naturipe adds How2Recycle label to packaging, highlights sustainability achievements

Berry company Naturipe is adding the How2Recycle label to its packaging, amid a continued push for greater sustainability.

The standardized label educates consumers on proper recycling practices and where to go if they need to find information specific to their municipality.

Naturipe says it has been focused on sustainability for many years. The company was the first adopter of the heat seal technology for both fresh and value-added product lines, which reduces plastic by a third.

On a single foodservice pack change, the new product removed almost 550 lbs. of plastic per week from the waste stream

Last year, Naturipe increased its Heat Seal Program by 400%, resulting in 24 metric tons (MT) of plastic removed from its packaging. The company is now looking to remove 48MT of plastic from its packaging in 2020, doubling last year’s goal.

“Naturipe Farms and our family of farmers have made it a priority to reduce the environmental footprint in all areas of the business particularly in packaging reduction and recyclability,” says Janis McIntosh, Director of Marketing Innovation and Sustainability.

CarrieAnn Arias, VP of Marketing, said: "These initiatives are progressing steps toward our goal of increasing sustainability from our farms to your tables.

"We are also committed to educating and encouraging consumers to do their part by recycling clamshells."

Naturipe Farms is also joining major North American fresh berry producers in announcing its goal of using 100% recycle-ready packaging by 2025.

They join many others in the industry in making this commitment, including California Strawberry Commission, the North American Blueberry Council (NABC), Asociacion national de Exportadores de Berries (Aneberries, Mexico), the Chilean Blueberry Committee, Fruits from Chile, and members of the National Berry Crops Initiative, among others.


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