Avocado supplies better this summer in Europe - Nature's Pride

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Avocado supplies better this summer in Europe - Nature's Pride

There are greater supplies of avocados in the European market in the summer this year compared to last season, according to leading importer Nature's Pride.

The company said these had come amid higher levels of avocado consumption in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Avocado consumption keeps on increasing. The Covid period seems to have increased the consumption even further," said Nature's Pride avocado specialist Annabel Könst. "People are eating healthy to stay healthy, and the avocado perfectly fits into that picture."

"Last year during the summer we have seen a shortage in avocados, this year we are seeing an on-year with better availability throughout the summer."

In terms of the different key supplying origins, Könst said that Peru has passed its peak and its supplies will now decrease over the coming weeks. South Africa still has production and will provide steady supplies over the next few weeks, she added.

Meanwhile, Kenya still has volume left but is decreasing by the week, and Chile is waiting to be sure Peru is out of the market.

She added that the gradual easing of the Covid-related restrictions has resulted in a rise in sales through foodservice channels.

"But because a lot of people in Europe remain in their own country for the summer holidays we see the retail remaining on a good level as well," she explained.

Looking at future growth in the European avocado market, Könst said that avocados are getting increasingly popular. They are no longer seen as exclusive and are becoming more and more part of people’s lifestyles.

Scandinavian countries are further ahead in consumption compared to the remaining part of Europe, but all countries are seeing growth, she said.

In addition, Könst noted that a part of the company's growth is because of the partnership between Nature's Pride and U.S.-based Apeel Sciences - which has developed a plant-based coating to keep avocados ripe for longer - because people can buy more at one time.

Nature's Pride recently announced a 20,000-square-meter expansion of its existing business premises to facilitate further growth.

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