Mexico to monitor U.S. investigations and defend preferential access

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Mexico to monitor U.S. investigations and defend preferential access

The Mexican Government says it will defend the preferential access of its agricultural exports to the U.S., following an announcement by the U.S. Trade Representative that it will investigate seasonal fruit and vegetable imports from the Latin American country

Mexico's Ministry of Economy said that it will monitor the U.S. investigations and seek solutions that are satisfactory for both countries.

The USTR on Tuesday evening outlined a multi-point plan to tackle the 'threat' of Mexican imports.

It announced Section 201 global safeguard investigation into "the extent to which increased imports of blueberries have caused serious injury to domestic blueberry growers", and said it would also look into other seasonal produce items such as strawberries and bell peppers.

The Ministry of Economy said it would seek to participate and ensure that the process is conducted based on the rules, procedures and standards of the trade agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC) and the World Trade Organization (WHO).

It added that it wants to find "mutually satisfactory solutions" to the concerns raised by the agricultural industries of both countries.

Some U.S. growers, particularly in the Southeast, have long complained about what they describe as unfair competition from Mexican imports, but critics such as the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) says that their claims are unfounded.

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