Wonderful Halos releases marketing plans for 2020 season

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Wonderful Halos releases marketing plans for 2020 season

Wonderful Halos says it is starting its 2020 crop season with its “consistent quality and superior sweet-taste” in mind.

The leading seedless mandarin brand said the marketing plans include a regionally geo-targeted social media campaign, point-of-sale bin bases and a public relations program.

Motivated by consumer research that found mandarin buyers to value sweetness above all, Wonderful Halos social media campaign features “cute and cuddly animals that are sweet, but not as sweet as Halos".

“Ninety percent of consumers say Halos mandarins are high in quality,” said Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing at The Wonderful Company.

“The targeted, multifaceted campaign taps into the notion that Halos mandarins are a healthy, sweet snack both parents and kids love and trust to consistently deliver upon its sweet, seedless, and easy-to-peel brand virtues.”

Along with the trend of consumers ordering groceries online, the campaign also includes e-commerce as a focal point. 

While grocery shopping online, consumers are not able to interact with items like they would in store, and instead must rely on product images and their perceptions of the brand, the company said.

Halos will continue its “Grove of Goodness” display program featuring the Halos Grove Tree and Fruit Stand displays that drive velocities 18 percent faster than product featured without a display.

Wonderful Halos will also include a new collection of colorful stickers to “make healthy eating fun”. 

The California Halos season starts in November and ends in May.

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