Peru's blueberry export value up by 10 percent through September

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Peru's blueberry export value up by 10 percent through September

The value of Peru’s blueberry exports rose by 10 percent year-on-year through September, according to the Agro-Export Management of the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

During the nine-month period, the value of Peruvian blueberry exports rose from $350 million to $387 million.

The news follows pre-season estimates that the 2020-21 Peruvian blueberry season will see volumes rise by a massive 40 percent to around 165,000 metric tons (MT). If achieved, Peru would cement its position as the world's leading blueberry exporter.

Fresh blueberries made up 97 percent of exports, with frozen blueberries making up almost all the rest.

In September - the month the Peruvian blueberry season gets underway - blueberries were exported to a total of 44 destinations. The largest concentration of blueberries, 50.2 percent, was sent to the U.S. generating a little more than $194.5 million.

The second-largest export recipient was the Netherlands with a 25.4 percent stake.

Exports to China fell by 12 percent while to the U.K. they fell by 10 percent, ADEX said. There were also shipments to Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Spain, Poland and Belgium.

Adex noted that in October Peru was able to make its first blueberry shipment to Taiwan after gaining access to the country back in March. The first shipment was sent out at the start of the month from the port of Paita (Piura) headed for the port of Keelung.

Exports in 2020-21 to Europe are expected to increase by 50%, and to the U.S. by 25%.

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