Highlights from the second quarter of 2020

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Highlights from the second quarter of 2020

As we prepare for 2021, FreshFruitPortal.com invites you to check out some of the highlights from 2020!

The editorial team would like to take this opportunity to wish you an excellent end of the year and happy holidays!

Please find below some of our most popular stories from April to June this year.

North American blueberry industry concerned by market disruptions as season gets underway

The coronavirus pandemic created a huge number of challenges for the blueberry industry at the onset. In April we spoke with Cort Brazelton, Kasey Cronquist and Jaime Sanchez to hear about the situation in North America and Europe.

How California avocado growers keep Persea mites from ruining the Super Bowl

Avocados are not the only one of America's favorite fruits. A tiny arthropod also loves them so much that it feeds on their leaves in 99% of California's avocado orchards. Check out our guide on how to use biocontrol to limit the damage.

Agronometrics in Charts: The effects of Covid-19 on Florida's blueberry season

It had been a complicated few weeks for the U.S.'s earlier blueberry production region, as Colin Fain explains in this analysis illustrated with charts.

Analysis: Six major areas of consumption affected by Covid-19

Nielsen says the retail environment that consumers face and the disposable money they have in their pockets to spend will be vastly different from the world they knew pre-lockdown.

Fresh produce foodservice demand has "virtually stopped" in Europe, NA - Rabobank

However, Rabobank said in a report earlier this year that overall sales volumes of fresh produce are expected to remain at pre-pandemic levels or even to increase.

Most dangerous Atlantic storm season since Katrina may be ahead

Hurricanes in previous years, such as Irma in 2017, caused widespread disruption to fruit and vegetable operations in the U.S. state of Florida and further up the East Coast, as well as in parts of the Caribbean.

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