Spain: Second half of citrus season yields better prices

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Spain: Second half of citrus season yields better prices

The second half of Spain's citrus season has seen an increase in its purchase rate as well as in pricing, according to the Valencian Association of Farmers (AVA-ASAJA).

This could be due to a better balance between the supply, which has been lower than expected due to adverse weather, and demand, which is growing as winter in Europe continues and consumers look for fruit high in vitamin C.

AVA-ASAJA said that the interest is mainly focused on the subgroup of oranges Late Navels, Navel Powell, Barnfield and Chislett and, to a lesser extent, Navel Lane Late.

The hybrid subgroup of mandarins Tango, Nadorcott and Orri as well, though most of them have a limit of plantations and a protected commercial management system.

"The campaign has taken a new turn and has left behind the serious marketing problems that plagued some of the more widespread varieties such as the Navelina orange of the Clemenules mandarin," Cristóbal Aguado, president of AVA-ASAJA said.

"Now retailers are again expressing their keen interest to stock up on enough citrus to be able to supply the markets over the next months."

Aguado said that the market's objective factors are adding to the positive outlook for the remainder of the campaign.

In addition, the association called on administrations to continue with and advance still-pending organizational measures.

Aguado gave examples such as the obligation to introduce reciprocity in agreements with developing countries or an improvement in specialization, and the coordination of EU phytosanitary controls to curb the entry of pests and diseases.

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