Tanimura & Antle acquires Boston-based Green City Growers

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Tanimura & Antle acquires Boston-based Green City Growers

Grower-shipper Tanimura & Antle has acquired Boston-based Green City Growers.

Tanimura & Antle said the merger of the two companies is based on a common commitment and passion to provide communities, organizations and individuals with a hands-on educational experience to increase awareness, build engagement and provide education about where food comes from.

By providing "a path to engagement with hands-on experience", Green City Growers will assist Tanimura & Antle with reaching individuals of all ages, promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle with consumers.

The combined goal of this partnership is to access and serve individuals and local communities not ordinarily provided with the opportunity to connect with their food while strengthening food supply by providing a supplemental, healthy and independent food source.

“Our investment in Green City Growers is our next level of engagement to continue our efforts to impact the lives of all. Our philosophy has always been learning by doing approach,” said Scott Grabau, President & CEO of Tanimura & Antle.

"By reaching children, charitable organizations, corporations, wellness and community outreach programs, we can have a strong impact on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“This partnership and acquisition will also provide our retail and foodservice partners their own opportunity to have an impact in the communities they serve by partnering with us on these programs.”

Founded in 2008 and a certified benefit corporation (B-Corp), Green City Growers started their business by installing and maintaining raised garden beds at people’s homes.

From there, the business expanded to include schools, non-profits, corporate clients and real estate companies. The company provides its customers with the infrastructure, tools, and educational tools required in order to grow their own fresh produce using the principles of organic, regenerative and pesticide-free agriculture practices.

Green City Growers also offers consulting on design, workshops, virtual engagement and educational opportunities. With this certification comes a mission that combines bottom-line success with environmental and social responsibility.

Green City Growers reaches thousands of children and adults with hands-on educational programs about growing healthy food. As of 2021, it has installed hundreds of garden spaces using organic, regenerative and pesticide-free agriculture practices and currently services over 150 unique farm and garden locations.

The current farms and gardens range from small raised garden beds to rooftop farms and are located throughout New England, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

Under the new ownership, the company will continue doing business as Green City Growers with Chris Grallert as President of this new partnership.

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