Peru forecasts record-breaking citrus exports this season

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Peru forecasts record-breaking citrus exports this season

Peru estimates the production of almost 1.5 million metric tons (MT) of citrus this season including mandarins, oranges, tangelos, grapefruit and limes.

The General Manager of the Association of Citrus Producers of Peru (ProCitrus), Sergio del Castillo Valderrama pointed out that 20 percent or 300,000MT will be exported, representing a record in citrus exports, according to

"The pandemic has created a rebound in the global commercialization of citrus due to the various characteristics the fruit has that help strengthen the immune system," he said.

Mandarin production is set to reach 528,000MT with 212,000MT to be exported, while oranges will see 32,000MT exported out of the 560,000MT produced.

Between the Sutil and Tahiti lime varieties, 320,000MT will be produced with 25,000MT exported. Around 6,500MT of grapefruit will be produced and 2,500MT exported, with 30,000MT of tangelos produced and 18,000MT exported.

In the country, there are around 70,000 hectares (ha) of citrus fruits: 25,000 ha of oranges, 23,000 ha of limes and 22,000 ha of mandarins.

Up until June 4, Peru exported over 68,300MT of citrus, representing a quarter of what was estimated for this year's season. The late season which started in June and lasts until August is the peak of exports for mandarins and oranges.

The main destination markets for mandarins is the U.S. followed by England, the Netherlands, China and Canada.

"Peru is a small country in comparison to the world citrus trade, representing 0.8 percent of the world's production and 0.4 percent of shipments," the general manager of ProCitrus said.

The World Citrus Organization (WAO), of which Peru has been a founder and member for two years, seeks to better channel efforts so the country's citrus consumption increases in different parts of the world.

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