ASGLOBALFRESH projects increases in Moroccan citrus exports

ASGLOBALFRESH projects increases in Moroccan citrus exports

ASGLOBALFRESH projects increases in Moroccan citrus exports


According to specialists, citrus fruits are ranked as one of the leading exports of numerous countries around the world.

ASGLOBALFRESH focuses its efforts on the delivery of quality fresh fruits throughout the year, which is why their motto is "no matter the season".

The company came up with the idea of becoming a supplier for its clients throughout the entire year, breaking seasonality of fruit and supplementing its offering.

For 3 years, ASGLOBALFRESH has been working with citrus fruits from Morocco.

"We started with clementines and Nadorcott, with the goal of providing our customers with fruit throughout the year and complying with our value promise. Since then, our fruit portfolio has been growing in other citrus varieties such as Navel oranges and lemon."

"Our exports to different markets such as the United States, Canada and European countries have had great success especially when taking into account Covid-19," the company said.

According to the Interprofessional Citrus Federation of Moroccan Citrus (Maroc Citrus), there will be an increase of 15 to 20% in citrus fruits and export volumes will reach 600 to 650,000 metric tons.

It will be an optimal season serving the EU and Russia, which are attractive areas due to their geographical location despite delays due to the weather.

The company has high hopes of improving supply to North America, the Middle East and the UK market as well.

New Products: Navel Orange and Eureka Lemon

For ASGLOBALFRESH's 2021-22 Moroccan citrus campaign, a growth of 20% has been projected for clementines and 45% for Nadorcott.

Its new products, Navel Orange and the Eureka lemon are looking at projected sales of 330 and 110 Tm, respectively .

The Navel orange is a juicy fruit, with a high pulp content, a long shelf life and is ideal for at-home use.

The Eureka lemon has a high content of water, critical acid, pulp and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

"As part of our future plans and in accordance with our mission, our actions go hand in hand with being able to reach new market niches and retain our customers."

"Our goals demand continuous strategic work that start from providing a product of quality, continued with social responsibility and good agricultural practices, being reinforced with involvement in exhibits and digital marketing," the company said.

Fruits of the Peruvian citrus campaign

In 2021 we closed an excellent campaign of citrus fruits from Peru with varieties such as W. Murcott and Malvaceo, which we serve the most informed consumers seeking a quality in markets such as the United States, China, Italy and Panama.

For more information, please contact the Marketing Area at or by phone (+34) 689 143 540.

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