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Mexican table grape harvest expected to grow 19.5%

March 25 , 2022

The Mexican Table Grapes Growers Association  (AALPUM), expects that the 2022 harvest should reach a new high, surpassing 25 million boxes, a 19.5 percent increase compared to last year.

In a press event, AALPUM  president  Marco  Antonio  Camou,  AALPUM  General  Director  Juan  Alberto Laborin and the Fresh Produce Association of Americas  (FPAA) grape division chairman John Pandol laid out what is coming for the Mexican table grape. 

The  largest  volume  is  red  seedless  varieties  at  46.9 percent, followed  by white seedless varieties at 41.08 percent, then black seedless varieties at 5.97 percent and cotton candy at 4.70 percent.  

The first pick is expected for the beginning of May, with the harvest accelerating from May 15th onward. The early season should produce some 7.4 million boxes through May, followed by peak season with 16.59 million boxes in June. Finally the late season, in July, should produce around 1.45 million boxes of table grapes.

The season is expected to extend longer this year, past the U.S. independence day of July 4th into the middle of that month. 

Pandol said that growers have been working with the planted crop to reduce the peak experienced in the past in May and June, and instead offer a more steady constant supply of the fruit.

Also, there are some expectations that due to the delayed arrival of Chilean grapes, there will be some overlap between the stock of the two countries. 

Shipping will continue from Nogales, Arizona  and other forward distribution points until  mid‐July. 

In  addition  to  cotton  candy,  there  are  several  hundred  thousand  boxes of exotic  flavored  varieties.  In  this  estimate  these  varieties  are  included  in  their  respective color group.


According to Miguel Suarez of grape and melon marketer Mas Melones & Grapes, the dynamics of the season and spread of varieties started to take shape about five years ago, with the arrival of varieties like Sweet Globe and Sweet Celebrations. 

From his work surveying fields in the Hermosilla, he concluded that the main harvest should start in the middle of May. The arrival of new varieties has helped push that window later into the year and growers are turning to new varieties at a higher rate than in the past. 

In the region of Caborca, the harvest will probably start to pick up a bit later, nearer to the end of May, he said in an interview.

Suarez also believes that the potential for the Sonora growing region is even higher than what will be harvested this season. Additionally, there is a shift that is moving the season later into the year, a trend being seen in other growing regions as well around the world. 

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