EU citrus production and exports to drop in 2021-22

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EU citrus production and exports to drop in 2021-22

EU citrus production is expected to end up 5 percent down year-on-year in the current season, with exports reducing and imports increasing overall. In addition, prices are higher and consumption is down.

Lemons and oranges are experiencing more significant falls in production in 2021-22 than other citrus fruits, according to Citrus Semi-annual report by the USDA

Lemon production is expected at 1.5 million metric tons, down almost 9 percent from the 1.7 million metric tons of the previous season and orange production is predicted to be approximately 6 percent down, standing at 6.1 million metric tons.

Floods in Italy’s main production regions in Sicily and unfavorable weather conditions affecting flowering and fruit set combined with hail storms in Spain, deteriorated yield. 

​​Spain accounts for nearly 65 percent of the EU’s lemon production and both Italy and Spain combined account for nearly 80 percent of EU orange output, damage was significant. 

In terms of trade, imports of lemons are expected to rise to make up for a drop in EU lemon production, whereas imports of oranges are anticipated to decline below previous season levels. 

On the other hand, exports of citrus fruits are expected to remain reasonably flat, declining marginally between 2 percent and 4 percent in comparison to 2020-21.

Like lemons and oranges, mandarin production is predicted at 3.16 million metric tons, a 2.3 percent decrease. 

Contrastingly however, grapefruits are expected to see production expand to 107,000 MT, largely driven by the area increase reported in Spain which is the EU’s largest grapefruit producer. 


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