The first Agricultural Water Summit takes place tomorrow

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The first Agricultural Water Summit takes place tomorrow

The first-ever edition of Agricultural Water Summit (AWS) will take place on Thursday at the Conference Center of the Sun Monticello Hotel, located in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile.

The event, organized by Yentzen Group, will bring together key players in the agricultural industry and world-class experts to analyze the national water crisis and provide solutions, innovation and technology for water management and preservation in agriculture.

Gustavo Yentzen, President of Yentzen Group, said: "The Agricultural Water Summit is unique in that it is the first event in the Chilean agricultural industry focused on water. It seeks to bring together growers, exporters, and other industry participants in one place to analyze and learn about all the issues related to water in our sector.

"It will have a similar format to the other events we organize, such as the Global Cherry Summit and the South American Blueberry Convention, in that there will be an exhibition area with 54 stands and another adjoining area where panel discussions and presentations will take place."

The event will begin with "An Analysis of the Water Situation in the Southern Cone" by Guillermo Donoso, one of Chile's experts on the economics of water resources in the agricultural industry.

This presentation will be followed by "Countries in the face of Water Shortages", a panel led by Felipe Martin, CEO of MÁS Recursos Naturales which will include a variety of presentations by different speakers.

The next sections will be about "Irrigation, Innovation and Precision" and "Efficiency in Genetics and Energy" and experts such as Patricio Arce Johnson from the Pontificia Universidad Católica will take part.

Then, "Alternative Water Sources for Agriculture" will involve the participation of Germán Wielandt from Hidrotattersall and Félix Bogliolo de Vía Marina S.A.R.L.

Lastly, the closing section and final panel "Collaboration as a solution" will be moderated by journalist and director of the program "Managing Water", Francisco Contardo.

In addition, there will be four exclusive talks from Aquadetect, Aqua4D, Eficagua and Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins during the coffee breaks, brunch and in the afternoon.

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