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Peru forecasts 11% increase in table grape exports

September 12 , 2022

Peru's table grape association Provid has forecast exports in the 2022-23 season to increase by 11 percent to 71.5 million boxes equivalent to 8.2 kilograms each.

The group noted that, despite the various difficulties encountered during the last season, such as container logistics and the increase in freight costs, the country has managed to position itself in second place in terms of table grape exports worldwide.

It added that that it is important to highlight some of the factors that support the growth in order to understand that the change that is taking place is not only of volume.

This includes "the extension of the production window, which begins with the Red Globe in June and ends in March, covering almost the entire year. In Piura the seedless grapes start in September, following along the Peruvian coast until March in Ica, culminating with the second harvest in Piura in April," it said.

Peru export 64 million boxes of table grapes in the 2021-22 season, recording an increase of 13 percent compared to the 57 million boxes sent during previous season.

White seedless accounted for 42 percent of exports in 2021-22, up 37 percent from the previous season, followed by Red seedless (28 percent, +14 percent), as well as Red Globe (25 percent, -7percent) and Black seedless (3 percent, -20 percent).

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