Sun World wins legal battle in Egypt over unauthorized grape production

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Sun World wins legal battle in Egypt over unauthorized grape production

Three separate Egyptian courts issued injunctions against four domestic growers over unauthorized Sugrathirteen variety grapevines, which were developed by Sun World.

The three economic courts, located in Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta, affirmed the Egyptian plant variety rights (PVR) of the important American-bred black seedless grape variety, which is produced by several Egyptian growers without a license to do so.

The Sugrathirteen table grape variety is owned by Sun World International, LLC. (Sun World), a global fruit genetics, licensing and technology company whose fruit is marketed globally under the MIDNIGHT BEAUTY brand and other popular fruit brands.

The California-based company has a long-standing business developing and licensing its proprietary plant varieties to growers worldwide, including to Egyptian farmers, who earn a premium for growing Sun World’s varieties.

Despite Sun World’s PVR registrations in Egypt, some unauthorized farmers have been found growing Sun World’s varieties, thus breaking Egyptian PVR and criminal laws, and damaging the Egyptian table grape export market for authorized growers.

Sun World’s Vice President of IP and General Counsel, Michael Stimson, said: "The company will enforce the full extent of its rights against these infringers, seeking to stop illegal production and damages for past infringemen."

Sun World encourages growers in Egypt who are interested in planting the Sugrathirteen black seedless table grapes variety, marketed under the MIDNIGHT BEAUTY brand, sometimes illegally sold as BLACK MAGIC, to obtain a license to plant and propagate Sugrathirteen vines and to sell fruit under its authorized MIDNIGHT BEAUTY brand.

Licensed growers avoid criminal legal actions and civil liability and are welcome members of the community of grape producers who respect Egyptian law.

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