Guatemala eyes first avocado exports to U.S. by mid-2023

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Guatemala eyes first avocado exports to U.S. by mid-2023

Guatemalan authorities say that the country has successfully complied with all the requirements needed to achieve admissibility for this product into the U.S. market.

Guatemala is presently awaiting the response from USDA - APHIS to apply the pest control measures required by the U.S. entity.

Guatemala's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) has conducted four pest surveys over two years and is currently working on a fifth survey for 65 farms.

"We have complied with all the requirements, especially with the Pest Risk Analysis requested by the US. We are confident that, if everything goes as planned, we will be able to export avocados to the U.S. by the middle of next year," said José Ángel López, Guatemala’s Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA).

The avocado sector in Guatemala has consolidated its participation in international markets during the last 11 years. This positions the nation within the first 15 exporting countries globally.

According to figures from the Exporters Association (Agexport), exports of this product as of July 2022 exceeded US$7 million. This represents a 66% increase year-on-year. Guatemalan avocados are exported mainly to the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Canada, Central America, and Panama.

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