Peruvian blueberry exports have seen annual average growth of 70% since 2013

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Peruvian blueberry exports have seen annual average growth of 70% since 2013

The Foreign Trade Society of Peru (ComexPeru) has said that Peruvian blueberry exports rose to $1.2 billion in 2021. This represents a massive leap from the $17 million registered in 2013, with an average yearly growth rate of 70%.

Blueberries are currently the second main export product for the country, behind table grapes, , according to This accelerated course allowed Peru to position itself as the world's leading supplier of this berry variety.

"The resounding success of blueberries should be the guide for other products to take off. Other fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries or aguaymanto, have similar potential," said ComexPerú.

“But this will only be possible if our policies remain in line with the above. Kicking the board of the rules of the game, which promote private activity, investment and free trade, would definitely make it more difficult for history to repeat itself.

Between January and August of 2022, shipments of fresh blueberries from Peru rose to $410 million -an increase of 68% year-on-year.

The international trade association also indicated that a study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) explains the crucial role played by the private sector in this explosive success.

The study cites research and innovation as fundamental pillars for the planting of blueberries in Peru. The IDB highlights the role of Inka's Berries, a Peruvian company that secured a blueberry species that better adapted to local conditions. 

Subsequently, the company was able to create new varieties with better productivity, flavor, size and shelf life. Thus, giving Peru the edge to position itself above competitors in the main destination markets.

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