GLOBALG.A.P. North America announces new Buyer Relations Manager

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GLOBALG.A.P. North America announces new Buyer Relations Manager


GLOBALG.A.P. North America is pleased to announce Jane Bi has joined GLOBALG.A.P. North America as Buyer Relations Manager. In her new role as Buyer Relations Manager, Bi will work to increase market recognition and acceptance of GLOBALG.A.P. products and services by promoting the range of solutions among buyers in this region.

“I’m thrilled to join the passionate and diverse GLOBALG.A.P. team with its wealth of expertise in bringing good agricultural practices into reality,” said Bi. “I look forward to helping connect certified responsible farmers and buyers to achieve the shared goal of delivering safe food to global consumers.”

Born and raised in rural Shandong province of Northern China, Bi was exposed to farming production at an early age. She received her B.A. in English and her M.A. in Intercultural Communication. After graduation, she worked for over 10 years in advocating for responsible seafood production and certified responsible seafood producers to the marketplace.

With her new role as the Buyer Relations Manager, she hopes to continue her work of advocacy for farmers who supply GLOBALG.A.P. certified responsible food to the global marketplace. As COVID19 has posed new challenges to the global food systems and supply chains, Jane would also like to continue to support buyers in overcoming those challenges by utilizing the GLOBALG.A.P. solutions.

“Jane brings just the right combination of skills, experience, and passion we need to energize our relationships with North American retailers, restaurants, wholesalers and importers,” said Roberta Anderson, Executive Vice President of GLOBALG.A.P. North America. “We know that buyers need increasing assurance about responsible practices in their supply chains. Jane will help them maximize the value of GLOBALG.A.P.’s streamlined approach to farm-level food safety, social and environmental assurance.”

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GLOBALG.A.P. is a brand of smart farm assurance solutions developed by FoodPLUS GmbH in Cologne, Germany, with cooperation from producers, retailers, and other stakeholders from across the food industry. These solutions include a range of standards for safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices. The most widely used GLOBALG.A.P. standard is Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA), applicable to fruit and vegetables, aquaculture, floriculture, livestock, and more. This standard also forms the basis for the GGN label: The consumer label for certified, responsible farming and transparency.

The GLOBALG.A.P. brand began its journey as EUREPGAP in 1997. 25 years later, over 200,000 producers are under GLOBALG.A.P. certification in 134 countries. Nearly 150 team members around the world are dedicated to the mission of spreading responsible farming practices to ensure safe food for future generations.

GLOBALG.A.P. North America, Inc., is a subsidiary company dedicated to serving the needs of the USA and Canada markets.

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