Chilean Ministry of Agriculture signs collaboration agreement with UC Davis

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Chilean Ministry of Agriculture signs collaboration agreement with UC Davis

The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) has signed a research and technology agreement with UC Davis University.

It establishes a framework for collaboration between the MINAGRI's, its services, and UC Davis Chile, in actions that contribute to objectives of the Government Program in agriculture. 

Signed by the UC Davis Chancellor, Gary S. May, and the Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, the collaboration will give rise to specific projects to be agreed upon through annex agreements between the two institutions.  

Also present were UC Davis executives and the directors of the Natural Resources Information Center (CIREN), Katherine Araya, and of the Forestry Institute (INFOR), Sandra Gacitúa, as well as the national director of the Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP), Santiago Rojas. 

Representatives of the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA) and the Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) also participated.

The Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela referred to the long-standing collaboration between the two institutions: "UC Davis has been collaborating with Chile in agriculture for half a century, many Chilean agronomists and other careers linked to the land have studied at UC Davis and there is also a lot of collaboration in innovation," said the authority. 

Both institutions share similar perspectives regarding more socially inclusive agriculture for women and all workers in general. 

“We also strive for intelligent agriculture, with applied innovations, resilience, adaptation to climate change, fighting to ensure that livestock farming contributes less methane, agriculture for the 21st century and responsible for adaptation and mitigation of the serious climate problem we face," Valenzuela added. 

UC Davis Chancellor, Gary S. May expressed his interest in the continuation of this collaboration and said that: "our long-standing relationship with the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture has provided us with a very relevant collaboration for our university, our state, and our country, and we hope that this collaboration will continue for many years to come". 

In terms of specific objectives, the agreement establishes that it will seek to support actions that facilitate access to information and technologies that contribute to sustainable development and increase the resilience of the forestry and livestock sector.

In addition, it will promote the development of human capital through the implementation of exchange programs between Chile and California. 

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