Demographics are the key to boost avocado sales, study says

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Demographics are the key to boost avocado sales, study says

The Hass Avocado Board’s (HAB) new on-demand webinar uses the study of demographics to build more targeted and effective sales strategies for the sector.

HAB’s regional segmentation and demographic study measures each region's share of the total U.S avocado volume compared to its share of all U.S population.

The category development index (CDI) is then used to evaluate their impact within each region in the U.S.

“The study outlines regional demographics for each segment and develops a unique demographic profile of avocado shoppers to define target shoppers and customize marketing strategies,” said Alejandro Gavito, HAB Senior Business Insights and Data Services Manager.

The first webinar of the 2023 series is a consolidated review of a study examining fresh avocado purchase trends and behaviors from over a three-year period. It reveals strategic opportunities for marketers and retailers to customize their approach by region for stronger sales. 

“Driving sustainable demand and growth across the avocado industry requires a steady, reliable pipeline of quality data and business tools,” said John McGuigan, Director of Industry Affairs for the Hass Avocado Board. 

“The webinars offer a 30-minute briefing of timely information including recommended action items. It’s free to attend and we are excited that the new on-demand service creates more convenience and flexibility,” McGuigan added.

The on-demand webinar, entitled Key Drivers of Avocado Category Development by Region, can be accessed by industry members at

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