U.S. organic food sales reach a new high

U.S. organic food sales surpass $60B

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U.S. organic food sales surpass $60B

Organic food sales in the U.S. continue to soar, as shown by the Organic Trade Association’s 2023 industry survey which indicated that sales in the United States in 2022 broke through $60 billion for the first time.

Despite “challenging headwinds”, including inflation pressures tightening consumer wallets, supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic and global political events, a proliferation of competing food labels in the grocery aisles, and a labor shortage, organic food sales totaled $61.7 billion.

“Organic has proven it can withstand short-term economic storms. Despite the fluctuation of any given moment, Americans are still investing in their personal health, and, with increasing interest, in the environment; organic is the answer,” said Organic Trade Association CEO Tom Chapman. 

“Organic’s fundamental values remain strong, and consumers have demonstrated they will come back time and again because the organic system is verified, and better for people, the planet, and the economy.”  

Best-selling organic product

Produce is still the leading seller in the organic category, with total sales of $22 billion in 2022, which accounts for 15% of all fruit and vegetable sales in the country. 

In the last ten years, organic sales have more than doubled as Americans are eating and using more organic products than ever before. 

“Organic is at that right intersection of environmental and personal health,” said OTA’s Chapman. 

“Organic brings together the interest in human health and a healthy environment, and that offers organic a positive pathway forward and will help organic businesses withstand challenges in the future.”  

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