U.S. cranberry exports up 80%

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U.S. cranberry exports up 80%

From September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022, the United States exported approximately 332,167, 100-pound barrels of cranberries to Latin America. Colombia is the second biggest importer in the region, accounting for 12.5% of exports.

Cranberry is considered the original 'superfruit' of the United States. It is native to the country and one of three commonly grown fruits that originated in North America.

Colombia increased its cranberry consumption by 80% between  2017-18 and 2021-22, from 23,020 to 41,451, 100-pound barrels. 

"Colombia is a long-standing market for the U.S. industry, importing since 2003-04. However, volume has increased in recent years. We expect to continue on the growth trajectory and increase exports by at least 15%," notes Danny Raulerson - executive director of the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC).

The Cranberry Marketing Committee of the United States represents all U.S. cranberry growers and distributors. CMC members are aware that Colombia is at the forefront of the latest culinary trends and that Colombian consumers have enthusiastically embraced the fruit, especially in specialized culinary sectors. However, it is very important for CMC to reach Colombian homes.

Arrival in Colombian gastronomy and homes

"Our goal is for Colombians, both in the gastronomical industry and the end consumer, to know more about our 'superfruit'; its unique flavor, health benefits, and versatility when it comes to cooking.  We want Colombians to incorporate more and more cranberries in their market," adds Raulerson.

U.S. cranberry production is projected at 7.8 million 100-pound barrels in 2022-23. From September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022,  53% of production volume was exported. 

Cranberries require very specific conditions for production and harvesting, including very low temperatures for the fruit to develop. They are grown in the northern United States, mainly in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, and Washington. 

Colombia, being a tropical country, does not have the necessary climatic conditions to produce cranberries naturally.

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