Fruit Attraction 2023 adds exhibition space and renewed pavilions

Fruit Attraction 2023 adds exhibition space and renewed pavilions

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Fruit Attraction 2023 adds exhibition space and renewed pavilions

Spain’s international fair Fruit Attraction is preparing its 15th edition with a renewed exhibition space and an additional pavilion, as the event continues to expand to accommodate its more than 90,000 visitors.

The 2023  fair already adds more than 14,300 acres to its exhibition area, which will accommodate more than 1,800 participating companies from 137 countries and representatives for 18 different areas of the production chain.

Fruit Attraction director María José Sánchez. spoke to the fair’s director, María José Sánchez, who explains the exhibition’s success comes from Spain's privileged place in the industry as “Europe’s orchard” and the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) and the Spanish Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Exporting Producers Associations (FEPEX).

The new distribution will seek to optimize the multiple subjects to be addressed in the 2023 version. 

This year, lettuce has been selected as “the star product”, with special marketing efforts planned that will seek to promote the opening of new markets and the development of strategies to boost exports.

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Pavilions three, five, seven and nine  will be mostly dedicated to Spanish products. However, pavilion five will host an entire innovation area. There will be a Smart Agro section, with digitalization and the Biotec Attraction sector. 

“And then we have the even pavilions that will concentrate the international sector, with the European presence in halls six and eight. And then in hall four we will have fresh fruit logistics, cold logistics sector and the southern hemisphere sector," Sánchez says.

Regarding the main issues that are currently setting the tone for the industry, Sánchez explains that, unfortunately, most of them respond to challenges that could become severe complications in the near future.

"To alleviate these circumstances, in my opinion, there is only one way out, which is research and development of new varieties, new ways of cultivating and sustainability for water resources usage, which is becoming a precious commodity," says the director.

Fruit Attraction 2023 will be held in Madrid, October 3-5.

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