Global table grape production up for fourth consecutive year

World table grape production is forecast up 1.1 million tons to 27.3 million for a fourth straight year of growth, according to a report by USDA.

Favorable growing conditions in China and Turkey more than offset losses in Chile and India.

Chile’s  production is projected to drop nearly 9% to 725,000 tons. This was mainly caused by adverse growing conditions and lower acreage. 

Varietal replacement is underway in Chile, with growers replacing older varieties with new higher‐yield cultivars.

Reduced supplies are expected to drop  exports 53,000 tons to 555,000 tons.

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As for India, while production is set to remain unchanged at 2.9 million tons, rising domestic demand for raisins has diverted fresh grapes to produce the dried product.

With this, Indian table grape exports are projected to contract by almost 8% to 255,000 tons.

Despite reduced supplies from both countries, global exports are expected to remain unchanged at 3.7 million tons, as greater volumes coming from China and Peru offset reduced output in Chile and South Africa.

Peruvian table grape production  is anticipated to rise for the eighth consecutive year as the country continues to expand the scope of its agricultural products in the international market. 

Additionally, good growing conditions and greater output from new plantings is set to boost Peruvian supplies for the season.

Optimal weather and continued improvements in farming techniques also raised yields in China, with production rising to 12.6 million tons. 

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