The Giga Apple, a mighty good exprience to share with an entire city -

The Giga Apple, a mighty good exprience to share with an entire city

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The Giga Apple, a mighty good exprience to share with an entire city


Giga Town is now underway, the event in which the new VOG Consortium apple invites people to share, combining the desire to be together outdoors with the wonder of exploring neighbourhoods. The VOG Consortium apple is also available in summer. 

Tasting a Giga® apple is such a great moment that it is worth sharing. That’s why to celebrate the Giga® Moment, the VOG Consortium has launched Giga Town, an initiative that shares the experience of this mighty good apple with an entire city.  

The initiative started in Milan, in the famous Piazza Duomo. Throughout the month of June, the BikeMi bike sharing station, customised with the mighty apple’s brand identity, became the starting point for a series of #GigaExperiences. Thanks to a QR Code, anyone who picked up their bike could have an interactive map on their smartphone showing 9 great neighbourhoods, perfect for sharing on social media along with the rich taste of Giga®. In line with the brand positioning, the initiative combined bike sharing, the pleasure of being together in the open air and the desire to spread great moments in one of Italy’s most dynamic and vital cities.

On 9 and 17 June, Giga Town was supported by a sampling campaign in which consumers were invited to taste the apple and post on social media about their rich taste experience in the Giga Town neighbourhoods, using the hashtag #GigaExperience. The initiative was then shared by Instagram influencers selected for their focus on Milan. The content produced was boosted by investments in digital and social media channels to reach millions of consumers with the Giga® experience.  

“Giga Town is an original and distinctive campaign, the first chapter of a narrative that reinforces Giga®’s position and will involve other countries in the future,” comments Hannes Tauber, marketing manager at VOG. “This apple tastes so good and has such rich aromas that it makes consumers want to share the experience with family and friends. That’s why we shared Giga®’s mightiness and sense of surprise with an entire city.”

“The feedback from the markets on this apple is very positive,” comments Klaus Hölzl, Sales Manager at VOG. “After all, it is mighty in all its characteristics, from its size to its extraordinarily firm and crisp flesh, its taste that balances tartness and sweetness, and its rich aroma. With marketing initiatives like Giga Town we reach consumers who appreciate these characteristics and want to explore new options in the fruit and vegetable department.”  

Giga®, the apple with a taste that is too good not to share has arrived on the markets in the 2022/2023 season with a doubled harvest and will also be available in the summer months. The VOG Consortium has also forecast an increase in production for the next campaign, which will increase the availability of this mighty good apple, perfect for completing the assortment in the second half of the season.  

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