Spain ag exports drop again

Spain ag exports drop again

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Spain ag exports drop again

Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable exports show decreased volumes, with a 4.4% drop year-on-year during May. Total shipments reached 1.03 million tons, according to data by Spain’s  Department of Customs and Excise.  

These figures confirm a downward trend, with 2023’s  first five months cumulatively showing a 9.6% decline over the same period of 2022.

The fall in May exports was mostly driven by fruit, which recorded an 8.3% drop. Vegetable exports increased by only 1.6%, totaling 438,340 tons.

Exported fresh produce volumes in  May showed a smaller decline than in previous months. 

In  April, the decline was 7.6% and in March, 8%. According to the Spanish Federation of Associations of Exporting Producers of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants (FEPEX), this sets a worrying trend for the Spanish fruit and vegetable trade.

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In May this year, imports grew by 12%, totaling 395,010 tons.

In May  import value increased by 3.3%, totaling $1.787 million, of which $1.111 million corresponded to fruits, a 1.7% decrease.

Cumulatively, from  January to May 2023, fruit and vegetable exports totaled 5.3 million tons and fell 9.6% compared to the same months last year

Vegetables accounted for 2.7 million tons (-5.7%) and fruits for 2.5 million tons (-13.3%).

The export value in this period grew by 6.6%, totaling $9.498 million, of which $4,942  million corresponded to vegetables, up 13% and $4,554 million corresponded to fruits (+0.5%).

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